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The United States of America ​is a country in North America. It has state borders with three countries: in the north with Canada, in the northwest with Russia (by sea), in the south with Mexico. It is one of the largest states in the world in terms of territory size, length of borders, population, economic, political and cultural influence. The capital of USA is Washington.

The United States is a very multinational country with a large number of nationalities, many of which have preserved their language and traditions. If we divide the population into groups by racial characteristics, whites make up 83.4% (among them, we can distinguish diasporas of Irish, Italians, Jews, Russians, Poles, Ukrainians), Africans – 12.4%, Asians and Pacific Islanders – 3.3%, American Indians – less than 1%.

The official language is English. About 32 million people use a second language, the most popular of which are Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Korean.
Religion: Protestants (56%), Catholics (26%), Jews (2%), Buddhists, Hindus, etc.

The United States dollar is the currency of the United States, one of the main reserve currencies of the world (1 dollar = 100 cents). Designation: $ or USD.
The country code is +1 and the domain is .us.

Every country in the world has such national symbols as a flag, anthem and seal. And the United States is no exception. National symbols of USA are Flag, National Anthem, Great Seal of the United States, Bald Eagle, Uncle Sam, The Statue of Liberty and the White House.

The phrase “In God We Trust” is the official motto of the United States (national motto). It is printed on all paper banknotes of the country. This motto is one of the national symbols of USA.

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