A mari usque ad mare- "From sea to sea"
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Canada is a country (the second largest in the world after Russia) located in North America. It borders the United States to the south and northwest. The capital of the federal state is Ottawa. It is a multinational country, but representatives of different peoples have formed into a single nation. There are two official languages in Canada. These are English and French. The official currency is the Canadian dollar.

The most common religion in Canada is Catholicism, slightly behind it in the number of believers is Protestantism. Also Orthodox, Jews, Muslims, and followers of Buddhism and Hinduism are often found.

The domain is .ca and the country code is +1.

The national symbols of Canada are traditionally considered to be the maple leaf, elk, beaver, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The appearance of these national symbols is due to the geographical location, natural and historical features of the country.

Poutine is a national Canadian dish of fries, cheese and sauce (potatoes are poured with sauce, and then sprinkled with cottage cheese), which is very popular and served in all fast food restaurants in the country.

Although the national sport is considered lacrosse – a game of the indigenous peoples of Canada, in which two teams try to hit the opponent’s goal with a ball, using a stick-like projectile – Canadians love hockey most of all. Lacrosse is considered as on of the national symbols of Canada.

“O Canada” is the national anthem of Canada. Since the country has two official languages (English and French), there are two official versions of the Canadian national anthem.

Canada Day (Fête du Canada) is a national holiday of Canada. It is celebrated on July 1, except when the holiday falls on a Sunday. In this case, the day off is considered to be July 2, with all the festivities usually taking place on July 1.

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