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South Dakota is a constituent state located in the North Central region of the United States. The Dakota Sioux people inspired the name of the state. It originated as a Sioux Indian name that meant “allies.” Because the national memorial is situated in the state, South Dakota’s official nickname is Mount Rushmore State. In 1992, the state gave the nickname official status. Each year, around three million people visit Mount Rushmore.

The Vérendrye brothers, who claimed it for France in 1743, were the first Europeans to settle in the region. As part of the Louisiana Purchase, the region that would become South Dakota was included in the United States in 1803. The Lewis and Clark expedition built Fort Pierre, the first ever permanent American settlement, in 1804. On November 2, 1889, the Dakota Territory, which at the time also contained what is now North Dakota, was divided into two states and admitted to the Union along with North Dakota.

It is bordered by North Dakota to the north, Minnesota to the east, Iowa to the southeast, Nebraska to the south, Wyoming to the west, and Montana to the northwest.

With a total area of 77,116 sq mi (199,729 sq km), South Dakota is the seventeenth largest by area. According to the United States Census 2020, the state’s total population is 886,667 making it the fifth least populous.

Sioux Falls is South Dakota’s largest city, while Pierre serves as the state capital.

Due to its rich soil, agriculture is South Dakota’s leading sector. Corn, wheat, soybeans, and sunflowers are common crops that are raised in the state. The mining industry is also very significant in South Dakota. The state was one of the top locations for gold in the nation up until 2001.

The fun fact is the state’s famous under-construction mountain monument known as The Crazy Horse Memorial. It was first started in 1948 and is still being carved today in the Black Hills in Custer County. The Crazy Horse monument will be the biggest mountain carving ever made. Almost twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty, the statue will stand at 563 feet tall.

The state motto of South Dakota is “Under God the People Rule.” “Hail, South Dakota” was declared the state song of South Dakota in 1943.

In 1903, South Dakota made the American pasque its official state flower whereas, the Chinese ring-necked pheasant was declared South Dakota’s official state bird in 1943.
The state of South Dakota has two official state languages; English and O’ceti Sakowin.

State Information

Official Language English, O'ceti Sakowin
State Rank 17
Demonym(s) South Dakotan
Nickname The Mount Rushmore State (official)
Formation Date November 2, 1889
Coordinates Lat: 42°29′ N to 45°56′ N, Long: 96°26′ W to 104°03′ W

Motto of South Dakota

"Under God the People Rule"

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