About Symbol Hunt

Symbol Hunt is a database of national symbols. The website has more than 200 country profiles, in which there are more than 20 categories of national symbols. Symbol Hunt contains particular information on national symbols from all over the world! From national flags to national heroes, national animals to national dishes, national dances to capital cities, from national domains to national monuments…

Every country profile includes a short summary of the country and national symbols shown as table contents. You can use the search engine or pick a country or a continent from the table list to start learning about these unique symbols. You can navigate through the flags, coat of arms, country codes, or languages of the nations, selecting the categorization type from the bottom of the homepage. You can also choose a national symbol and a country from the quick jump list to quickly see the precise information.

Symbol Hunt contains unique content on politics, history, and culture about all of the countries worldwide. People from all over, students, tourists, researchers, librarians, business people, can encounter hard-to-find, fun, and current information on this website.

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