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National symbols of Germany

The national tree of Germany is Oak

The national bird of Germany is Federal Eagle

The national currency of Germany is Euro

The country code of Germany is +49

The national sports of Germany is Football

The national language of Germany is German

The capital city of Germany is Berlin

The national color(s) of Germany: Black, red and gold

The national flower of Germany is Cyani flower

The national fruit of Germany is Apple

The national anthem of Germany is called Deutschlandlied

The national monument of Germany is Cologne Cathedral

The TLD(top level domain) of Germany is .de

The ISO-4217 of Germany is DEU

The National Emblem / Coat of Arms of Germany is 1017, 1017, Coat of arms of Germany, Coat-of-arms-of-Germany.png, 42613, https://symbolhunt.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Coat-of-arms-of-Germany.png, https://symbolhunt.com/germany/coat-of-arms-of-germany/, , 4, , , coat-of-arms-of-germany, inherit, 564, 2021-01-15 12:23:16, 2021-01-15 12:23:16, 0, image/png, image, png, https://symbolhunt.com/wp-includes/images/media/default.png, 500, 650, Array

The religion of Germany is Christianity as the largest religion in Germany, with 66.8% identified themselves as Christian, with 3.8% of those not being church members. 31.7% declared themselves as Protestants.

The national dance of Germany is Schuhplattler

The national dish of Germany is Sauerbraten

The national animal of Germany is Federal Eagle

The national bird of Germany is Federal Eagle

The ethnicity of Germany is