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Cyprus is a unique sunny island located in the Mediterranean Sea, which combines modern European culture and the charm of bygone civilizations. Cyprus was a British colony until independence in 1960, when it became a member of the British Commonwealth in 1961. The capital of the country is Nicosia. The population of Cyprus is mainly composed of Greeks and Turks. These nationalities in Cyprus are called Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.

The official language of Cyprus is Greek with a Cypriot dialect. The majority of the island’s inhabitants (about 77%) profess Orthodox Christianity.

The domain is .cy and the country code is +357. The official state currency of the country is EUR.

Cyprus Airways Public Ltd is the national airline of the Republic of Cyprus. The fleet is mainly based at the Larnaca International Airport.

The official National symbols of Cyprus are The National Coat Of Arms of Cyprus, National Anthem and the Flag.

The national flag of Cyprus has a golden – copper silhouette of the island on a white background (white is the symbol of peace). Just below, in the center of the flag – two crossed green olive branches, symbolizing the hope for reconciliation of the Greek and Turkish communities of the island.

The Coat of Arms has a triangular golden-copper shield with the image of a white dove carrying an olive branch in its beak. The shield is framed by two connected olive branches. The white dove and olive branches symbolize peace and good will. The date of independence of Cyprus (1960) is indicated at the bottom of the shield. It was adopted as ine of the national symbols of Cyprus in 1960.

The Cypriot national dish is koupepia. This is a kind of dolma, which consists of minced meat, rice, onions, herbs and a mixture of spices. This dish is often found in Greece, Turkey, and the Middle East.

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