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Turkey is a unique country located partly in Asia and partly in Europe. Situated as a bridge between two continents, Turkey has a vast ethnic diversity, including Turks, Kurds, Albanians, Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians, Azerbaijanis, and Bosniaks. Turkey is also the only Muslim country located physically in Europe. Although the largest city and seaport is Istanbul, the capital is Ankara in the middle of the country. The official language is Turkish, while the monetary unit is Turkish Lira (TL).

The country was founded by the national hero Mustafa Kemal Ataturk on 29 October 1923 after the Turkish War of Independence. Turkey’s national flag is a white crescent moon and a star on a red background.

Kebab is one of Turkey’s national symbols and dishes widely popular globally. As a legacy from their shamanic roots, the Turkish see “the gray wolf” as their national symbol and animal. While tulips are the national flower, Turkey Oaks are the national trees that grow almost everywhere in the country. Bald eagles are exceptional animals unique to Turkey that are in danger of extinction.

The symbolic dress of Turkey is loose-cut cloth pants that are called salwar. There are many different cultural dances within Turkey’s diverse ethnicity like Horon, Ciftetelli, Zeybek, Halay…

The National Ascension Monument located in Antalya and the Republic Monument in Taksim, the heart of Istanbul, the Bosphorus bridge connecting two continents,” and the Maiden Tower on the waters of Bosphorus are the most popular national monuments. Anıtkabir, where the national hero Ataturk’s tomb is located, is Turkey’s most visited museum.

While football is the most popular sport in the country, the national sport is oil wrestling which is still being practiced in some cities. The country’s most famous poets are Mehmet Akif Ersoy, the writer of the national anthem’s lyrics, and Nazım Hikmet, a widely renowned leftist poet exiled from the country.

Even though it is a Muslim country, Turkey has its own alcoholic beverage, “Raki,” which is a prevalent national symbol and made from anis.

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