Venezuelan Proverbs

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Hungry love doesn’t last.

A good friend will fit you like ring to finger.

A monkey, even dressed in silk is still a monkey.

Goat that tears a drum pays with its own hide.

More inside than a drawer and more out than a balcony.

There is nothing hidden between Heaven and Earth.

Children born fat, won’t change even if girdled since childhood.

There’s no illness that lasts one hundred years, or body that can resist it.

Join with good men and you will be one of them.

Looking for the cat’s fifth leg.

A shrimp that falls asleep is swept by the current.

When the river makes noise it’s because it’s carrying rocks.

Each thief judges by his condition.

One sword keeps another in its scabbard.

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Venezuela is known for the beautiful Angel's Falls, world's largest oil reserves, and Orinoco - the second longest river in South America

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