"One People, One Nation, One Destiny"
Motto of Guyana

National symbols of Guyana

The Cooperative Republic of Guyana sits in the north of South America with borders to Venezuela in the west, Brazil in the south and west, Suriname in the east, and the Atlantic Ocean in the north. It is the only country with the official language English in South America. The currency used is Guyanese Dollars. The ethnicity in the country is diverse with Douglas & Creole-Mulattos, while the present religions in the country are Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. The Guyanese capital is called Georgetown, and the country code is +592, while the official domain is “.gy.”

“One People, One Nation, One Destiny” is the symbolic motto of Guyana. The 23rd of February is celebrated as the national day since the country formed the republic in 1970 on the exact date. The old president of the country, Cheddi Jagan, has been considered the symbolic father of Guyana. Thanks to his contribution to the country, Guyana was born again with him. The leader of the largest slave revolt in British colonies was a Guianese slave from Africa and the father of Jack Gladstone, named Quamina. He is considered the national hero in Venezuela. The Guyana Flag consists of two triangles on a green background. There is a white-edged yellow triangle along with a black-edged red triangle on the left side of the flag. The coat of arms has two jaguars, a pickax, sugar cane, and a stalk of rice on its sides, along with a crown on top of the emblem. Inside the emblem is the Victoria Amazonica lily, three blue wavy lines representing the three main rivers of Guyana, and the Canje Pheasant.

Jaguars are the national symbol animals of Guyana, and the national birds are hoatzins. The Victoria Amazonica lily is the national flower, and the national fruit is coconut which groves everywhere in the country. Pepperpot is a national dish that is a stewed meat dish strongly flavored with cinnamon and cassareep. Made by boiling mauby bark, mauby is the national drink of Guyana. Dhoti And Kurta are the national dresses for Indian Guyanesens, Jorah And Tope are the national dresses for Muslim Guyanesens, Indian and Arabic.

Cricket is the most-loved national sport in Guyana, and the steelpan is the national instrument, a steel drum played with sticks. Guyana Botanical gardens with many different plant species are the national monument. “South America Undiscovered” is the tourist motto, and Caribbean Airlines is the national airline.

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