Dios y Federación - "God and Federation"
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Located in the north of South America, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela sits between Colombia, Brazil, Guyana, the Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean. The capital and the biggest city is Caracas. Venezuelans are a mix of Amerindians and White Europeans, and the population is primarily Christian Catholics. The official currency is Venezuelan Bolivars, and the official language is Spanish. The country code is +58, and the official domain is “.ve.”

“God And Federation” is the official motto of Venezuela which shows the power of religion and government in the country. Simon Bolivar, the great Venezuelan commander and politician during the 19th-century wars against the Spanish Kingdom is considered the father of the country and the national hero. The 5th of July is celebrated as the national day as it signifies the date of the independence of Venezuela from Spain in 1811. The Venezuelan flag includes three horizontal bands of yellow, blue, and red, respectively. Plus, there are eight stars in the middle blue band, symbolizing the eight signatories to the Venezuelan declaration of independence. Furthermore, the Venezuelan emblem features three sections in national colors; the red section with wheat, the yellow section with swords and weapons, the blue section with a laurel. Above the sections are two crossed cornucopias, horns of plenty, pouring out wealth.

The national symbol animal is the spectacled bear, and the symbolic bird is the endemic Venezuelan Troupial. Orchid Cattleya Mossiae is the national flower as it is the origin of this orchid type, and the national tree is Tabebuia Chrysantha with its vivid yellow flowers. Pabellon Criollo, the national dish, consists of cooked white rice, shredded meat, black beans, and slices of ripe fried plantains. Mango is the national fruit whale La Tiziana, orange juice, grenadine pin with various cut fruits is the national drink. Joropo is the national dance that is danced with the national dress from the llanos region, Liqui Liqui. It consists of a long-sleeved jacket, pants, and espadrilles with different bright colors.

The famous National Pantheon of Venezuela in Caracas is the national monument and mausoleum. Football is the most famous and national sport. Cuatro is the national instrument which is a variation of the guitar. “Venezuela Is Your Destination” is the tourist motto, and the national airline is called Conviasa.

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