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Located in the geographical region known as Scandinavia in northern Europe, the Kingdom of Sweden is a country full of extensive forests, and over 100,000 lakes dot the landscape. The capital is Stockholm, located in the south of the country. The official language is Swedish, and the currency used is Swedish Krona. Most of the Swedish are Christians. The country code is +46, while the official domain is “.se.”

Swedish consider the politician Per Albin Hansson as the father of the country as he was the chairman of the Social Democrats from 1925 and two-time Prime Minister in four governments between 1932 and 1946. The 6th of June is celebrated as the national day because in 1523, Gustav I was elected as the king, which signified the independence of Sweden from Norway. Furthermore, the Swedish national hero is Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson, the leader of the Engelbrekt rebellion in 1434 against Eric of Pomerania, king of the Kalmar Union. The Swedish national flag features a blue background and a yellow cross, showing the national colors blue and yellow.

The national animal of Sweden is Eurasian elk which are plentiful in the country. The national tree is Ornas Birch, while the national flower is Linnaea Borealis with its pink flowers. Kanelbullar or cinnamon roll is the Swedish folkloric dish, while Snaps, a sweet alcoholic liquor, is the national drink. Swedish national dance is Polska, a Nordic partner dance with the same-named music often played by violins. Sverigedräkten is the national dress which consists of a blue skirt with a yellow apron and a blue or red bodice with motifs of daisies, inspired by the intense folk colors.

Carl Michael Bellman, Gustaf Fröding, Verner Von Heidenstam, Esaias Tegnér are all important authors, poets and literature figures of Sweden. Nyckelharpa or key harp is the Swedish ethnic instrument that is a string instrument or chordophone that looks like a fiddle. Swedish national dance is Polska, a Nordic partner dance with the same-named music often played by violins. The national and most-watched sport is football, and the mythical Swedish creature is elves. Finally, the national airline is called Scandinavian Airlines.

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