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Norway, or the Kingdom of Norway, is the narrow country on the Scandinavian peninsula and Sweden and Finland. The country features a long coastline famous for its fjords, sea inlets between cliffs, to the Atlantic Ocean. The capital Oslo is located in the southern part of the country. The population consists of Norwegians and Samis, who have darker skins and shorter height. Most of the population are Christians. Although the country is a part of the European Union, the country’s monetary unit is Norwegian Krone. The country code is +47, and the national domain is “.no.”

Harald Fairhair, the greatest King of Norway in the 9th century, is considered the founder of Norway. Constitution Day on the 17th of May is the national day as it is the independence day of Norway in 1814 from Sweden. The leader of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration, Roald Amundsen, is considered the national hero, thanks to his successful explorations. The Norwegian flag has the national colors red, white, and blue; a white framed blue cross is on a red background.

The national animal of Norway is a lion which is also shown on the coat of arms. Another symbol of animal and bird is White-throated Dipper, unique to the country. Bergfrue is the endemic Norwegian flower that is an important cultural symbol. Farikal is the national dish consisting of pieces of mutton with bone, cabbage, whole black pepper, and a little wheat flour, cooked for several hours in a casserole. The distilled spirit of Scandinavia, Akvavit, is considered to be the national drink. Haraldshaugen is a national monument in the city Haugesund which was erected in the time of King Harald for the unification of Norway. The Royal Mausoleum is considered the national mausoleum that houses the graves of many significant country figures.

The famous poet Henrik Wergeland is the Norwegian national poet. The national instrument is Hardingfele Hardanger, a type of violin, while the national dance is called The Halling, a folkloric dance performed mainly by men at weddings. Football is the most famous sport in the country, but the national sport is Cross-Country Skiing. The symbolic Norwegian mythical creatures are Trolls. Finally, the national airline is called Scandinavian Airlines.

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