Palestinian Proverbs

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Your tongue is your horse, if you take care of it it’ll take care of you, and if you offend it will offend you.

The shoe-mender is bare-footed and the weaver is naked.

Keep your hand tight, you won’t bleed and you won’t weep.

Choose the neighbour before the house.

Stay away from the evil and sing to it.

I’ve called you to help, I found you in need for help.

Who has no past, has no future.

He who has a flask on his head can keep touching it.

The bald (woman) shows off her niece’s hair.

Blood can never turn into water.

One thumb alone does not kill a louse.

The eye can’t go any higher than the eyebrow.

Kissing hands is fooling beards.

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Palestine is known for being the Holy Land and is held sacred among Muslim, Christians, and Jews

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