National Symbols of Palestine

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  2. Country Information
  3. Coat of arms
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  5. Country motto
  6. National animal
  7. National flower
  8. National bird
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  11. Neighbouring countries
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Palestine is a country in Asia. The official name of Palestine is the State of Palestine. It shares borders with 2 countries: Egypt, and Jordan. The people of Palestine are called Palestinians. The country is in the Middle East, west of Jordan, and east of Israel.

Etymology discusses where a term is considered to have originated from and how its meaning has changed over time. Etymology has been a factor in the naming of countries all across the world, and Palestine has also been influenced. The etymology of Palestine can be defined as; The word Palestine derives from Philistia, the name given by Greek writers to the land of the Philistines, who in the 12th century bce occupied a small pocket of land on the southern coast, between modern Tel Aviv–Yafo and Gaza.

An ethnicity is a group or sub-group of people who are connected based on common characteristics which may include religion, origin, language, traditions, or culture. The ethnic groups in Palestine include Arabs and Jews.

The national colors of the country are red, white, and green. The emoji flag of the country is 🇵🇸, and the ISO code is PSE.

Palestine is known as the Holy Land and is held sacred among Muslims, Christians, and Jews. The national dish of Palestine is Musakhan. Limonana, in addition to being a traditional beverage, is one of the country’s national drinks. The national instrument of Palestine is Oud.

The country has the time zone UTC+2 (Palestine Standard Time) followed by dd/mm/yyyy as the standard date format.

Palestine is divided into 16 governorates. Gaza City is Palestine’s largest city, while Ramallah, East Jerusalem serves as the capital.

The literacy rate in Palestine is 96.3%.

The country’s total area is 6,020 km² (2,320 sq mi), and the total population is 5,101,414. The country’s average elevation is 1000ft, whereas the country’s terrain can be defined as; Mostly rugged dissected upland, with some vegetation in the west, but barren in the east. The country’s usual climate is temperate; temperature and precipitation vary with altitude, with warm to hot summers, and cool to mild winters.

The area of land next to a sea is called the coast, and a coastline is defined as the line where land and sea meet. Palestine has 40 km of coastline.

The Israeli Shekel and Jordanian dinar serve as the national unit of currency, and Palestine Monetary Authority is recognized as the country’s central bank. The domain for Palestine is .ps and the country code is +970. The Eagle of Saladin is the country’s coat of arms.

The national dress of Palestine is the Palestinian Thobe, and 15 November is designated as National Day. In Palestine, the majority of the population practices Islam as their religion.

Nature is a blessing from God and we must protect it because it provides us with the oxygen and food to survive. It also helps to keep our environment beautiful and clean. To emphasize the significance of nature, Palestine has selected a few forces of nature as national symbols. Palestine’s national bird is the Palestine sunbird, while its national animal is the Mountain gazelle. The national flower is Faqqua iris, whereas the PPrickly pear is the country’s national fruit. The national tree of Palestine is the Olive tree, and the highest peak is Nabi Yunis.

Mythical creatures can be found in the literature and mythologies of many different nations. They represent imaginative representations of various creatures, humans, or hybrids. They are known for their specific features, supernatural abilities, and distinctive appearance. The mythical creature of Palestine is Jinn.

Sports have always played an important role in developing the social and cultural structure of Palestine and other countries. When it comes to designating a sport as the official symbol, Football is considered the country’s national sport.

Poetry is a highly valued form of art, and many poets are considered significant national symbols of the country. The national poet of Palestine is Mahmoud Darwish.

Yasser Arafat (Modern Palestine) is the founder of Palestine. The country’s national anthem was written by Said Al Muzayin, and composed by Ali Ismael.

Mausoleums are buildings dedicated to holding someone’s remains. It serves as a reminder of the nation’s revolutionary fighters who sacrificed their lives for the country. Mausoleums are one of the most significant historical landmarks. The national mausoleum of Palestine is The Yasser Arafat Mausoleum, and the country’s national hero is Yasser Arafat.

Numerous organizations are working on a global level to improve the current state of affairs and to collaborate in order to establish and maintain constructive partnerships. Palestine is a member of the Arab League, and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Palestine collaborates with them to organize, analyze, and address various events and situations.

The tourism slogan of the country is “A Land of the Heart” whereas, “From the River to the Sea” is the official motto of the country.

Mohammad Shtayyeh is the current Prime minister of Palestine, and Mahmoud Abbas is the President.

Palestine has declared Arabic as the country’s official language.

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Country information

Former name(s) Canaan
Official name(s) State of Palestine
Alternative name(s) State of Palestine (official, English)
Regional location Middle East, west of Jordan, and east of Israel
Country name etymology The word Palestine derives from Philistia, the name given by Greek writers to the land of the Philistines, who in the 12th century bce occupied a small pocket of land on the southern coast, between modern Tel Aviv–Yafo and Gaza
Climate Temperate; temperature and precipitation vary with altitude, with warm to hot summers, and cool to mild winters
Terrain Mostly rugged dissected upland, with some vegetation in the west, but barren in the east
Population 5,101,414
National Day 15 Nov 1988
Language(s) Arabic
Religion Islam
Country code +970
Literacy rate 96.3%
Currency Israeli Shekel, Jordanian dinar
Capital city Ramallah, East Jerusalem
Domain(TLD) .ps
Ethnicity Arabs and Jews
Head of government Prime Minister
Nationality Palestinian
Driving side Drive on the Right-hand side
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Total area 6,020 km² (2,320 sq mi)
Timezone UTC+2 (Palestine Standard Time)
Average elevation 1000ft
Coastline 40 km
Mains electricity 230 V
Emergency telephone numbers Emergency Telephone Numbers

Coat of arms

Flag map of Palestine

Flag map of Palestine

Motto of Palestine

"From the River to the Sea"

National animal of Palestine

The National animal of Palestine is Mountain gazelle

National Animal of Palestine - Mountain gazelle

National flower of Palestine

The National flower of Palestine is Faqqua iris. Botanical name is Iris Haynei.

National flower of Palestine - Faqqua iris

National bird of Palestine

The National bird of Palestine is Palestine sunbird

National bird of Palestine - Palestine sunbird

Rest of the National symbols of Palestine 👇

Neighbouring countries of Palestine

Palestinian Proverbs - Popular quotes, proverbs and sayings.

Your tongue is your horse, if you take care of it it’ll take care of you, and if you offend it will offend you.

The shoe-mender is bare-footed and the weaver is naked.

Keep your hand tight, you won’t bleed and you won’t weep.

Choose the neighbour before the house.

Stay away from the evil and sing to it.

I’ve called you to help, I found you in need for help.

Who has no past, has no future.

He who has a flask on his head can keep touching it.

The bald (woman) shows off her niece’s hair.

Blood can never turn into water.

One thumb alone does not kill a louse.

The eye can’t go any higher than the eyebrow.

Kissing hands is fooling beards.

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