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National symbols of Kosovo

Kosovo is a Balkan country that self-declared independence from Serbia back in 2008. Although Kosovo is recognized by most of the European Union countries and the United States of America, it is not recognized by Serbia, Russia, and several other countries. Kosovo flag and emblem consists of a blue background with the countryโ€™s map and six stars on top, symbolizing Kosovoโ€™s six major ethnic groups. Blue, yellow, and white are the national colors. Albanians, Bosniaks, Serbs, Turks, Romani, and Ashkali are the major ethnic groups in the country. The official national languages are Albanian and Serbian. The national motto is, โ€œKosova, nder dhe detyrรซ,โ€ โ€œKosova, Honour, Duty, Homeland.โ€ The capital and the largest city of the country is Pristina, and as a member state of the European Union, Kosovo uses the โ€œEuroโ€ as the national monetary unit. Although most of the population is Muslim, Kosovo is a secular state without any official religion. The country code is โ€œ+33โ€, while the official domain is โ€œ.rs.โ€

Ibrahim Rugova is the founder and the first president of the โ€œFirst Republic of Kosovo,โ€ an autonomous province under Serbia. The national hero is โ€œAdem Yashari,โ€ who is the founder of the Kosovo Liberation Army who fought against Serbia and Yugoslavia for Kosovoโ€™s liberation during the 1990s. The national day, the 17th of February, was the day Kosovo self-declared independence in 2008.

One of Kosovoโ€™s national symbols is the national monument, โ€œNewborn Monument,โ€ a typographic memorial unveiled on the day Kosovo got its independence. The national mausoleum is the โ€œTomb of Sultan Murad,โ€ which holds the Ottoman Sultanโ€™s tomb who died in the Battle of Kosovo in the 14th century.

Like Albania, Kosovoโ€™s national symbol and the national bird is the eagle, while the national animal is different, the lynx. The national dish is โ€œFlia,โ€ a crepe-like layered dough with sour cream. Fermented red cabbage drink โ€œRasojโ€ is the countryโ€™s national drink. Grape, being the national fruit, vineyards and wine are essential in Kosovoโ€™s economy. โ€œRed Poppyโ€ is considered the national symbol and the national flower, while the โ€œEuropean Beechโ€ is seen as the national tree.

Kosovoโ€™s national poets are Din Mehmeti and Ali Podrimja, who were representatives of modern Albanian verse. โ€œShotaโ€ is the national dance with strong rhythms and synchronized steps, mostly seen in weddings and festivals. The national dress is called โ€œVeshja e Podgurit,โ€ which are wide-sleeved, narrow collared shirts with white hats for both men and women. The national instrument is the โ€œCiftelia,โ€ a two-stringed long-necked lute. The most popular sport, also the national sport in Kosovo, is football. Kosovo also has its own airline โ€œKosovo Airlines.โ€

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