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There is no place like your Motherland.

Love to the Motherland starts in the family.

The Motherland can get you warm better than fire.

There is a lot of gold in some places, but still the Motherland is dearer than gold.

An onion can be as sweet as honey if it grows in your Motherland.

Even a mole feels strong when it is in his hole.

If your sickle is sharp you wil I have a rich crop, if your Motherland is strong you will be as strong as your enemy.

As small as sparrow is, it still protects its nest.

A goose misses its lake, a man longs for his Motherland.

You must have not gone too far if you were able to find your way back.

Even air in your land can cure.

Native land is a paradise for everybody.

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Kazakhstan is known for its famous wild horses and the Caspian Sea

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