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Your years will still remain the same whether you laugh or cry.

You won’t get sick if you have plenty of work.

You will never learn enough looking for only the good things in life; you will always be a pupil.

You warm up something for ten days and it goes cold in one.

You should climb Mount Fujiyama once in your life. Climb it twice and you’re a fool.

You have to bow a few times before you can stand upright.

You don’t have to die: heaven and hell are in this world too.

You can’t straighten a snake by putting it in a bamboo cane.

You can’t see the whole sky through a bamboo tube.

You can worship a sardine’s head if you believe in it.

You can see heaven through the eye of the needle.

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Japan is known for its tea ceremonies, Sumo wrestling, Samurai, and Ninjas

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