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The Republic of Korea is a country in East Asia, located on the Korean Peninsula. The capital is Seoul. The unofficial name of the country, widely used in the media is South Korea.
South Korea is a state that occupies the south of the Korean Peninsula in East Asia and some nearby islands. It is washed by the Yellow, East China and Japan seas of the Pacific Ocean.
The Republic of Korea is a state with a very homogeneous ethnic composition. More than 98% of the country’s population is Korean. The second largest ethnic group is the Chinese, there are about 100 thousand of them in South Korea.

The official language is Korean. English is also common (it is mandatory for studying in middle and high schools) and Japanese (it is known mainly by the elderly since the Japanese occupation). More than 46% of the population of South Korea consider themselves atheists. Another 29.2% of South Koreans are Christians (18.3% – Protestants, 10.9% – Catholics), more than 22% – Buddhists. The currency of South Korea is the Korean won. Its designation is KRW. The domain is .kr and the country code is +82.

National symbols of South Korea include the Flag, Emblem, National Anthem, State Seal of South Korea, and national motto.

Every nation has its own favorite animal. Among Koreans, such a “national” animal is a Siberian tiger. Tiger is the hero of proverbs and fairy tales, sayings and legends. Korean people regard this animal as one of the national symbols of South Korea.

The national dish of Korea can be considered kimchi. It is simply impossible to imagine a Korean table without it. Kimchi is a fermented cabbage with red pepper.
South Korea has traditional sports of its own, as well as sports from different cultures and countries. But Taekwondo is the representative national sport of South Korea.

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