Bolivian Proverbs

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Science makes men arrogant; wealth makes them fools.

Love flies away and the pain remains.

He who marries prudence is the brother-in-law of peace.

Love and prudence are absolutely incompatible.

Good comes from far away; evil is close at hand.

It’s easier to know your enemies than to know your friends.

To ‘get out of my house.’ or ‘what do you want with my wife?’ there is no answer.

The beauty of the man is in his intelligence and the intelligence of the woman is in her beauty.

A thrashing river is a fisherman’s bounty.

A quarrel is like buttermilk, the more you stir it, and the sourer it grows.

Tomorrow is as good as today.

May the sun set on where my love dwells.

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Bolivia is known for enormous salt flats, llamas, high elevation, and Brazil nuts

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