Por la razón o la fuerza - "Through Reason Or By Force"
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The long narrow country, Chile that extends down the west coast of South America, has one of the most peculiar shapes with its 6500 km long coastline and only 61 km wide territory. Santiago de Chile is the capital city which is located in the middle of the country. The official language is Spanish, and the population consists of White or Mestizos, Mapuches, and Aymaras. Most of the folk are Christian, including Catholics, Protestants, and other Christians. Chileans use the Chilean pesos as the currency while the country phone code is +56 and the official domain is “.cl.”

“Through Reason Or By Force” is the official motto of Chile. The national day, the 18th of September signifies the proclamation of the First Governing Body of 1810 and marking the beginning of the Chilean Independence process. Diego de Almagro is the father of the country as he is the first Spaniard to reach Chile in the 15th century. On the other hand, Argentine military and politician and one of the liberators from Argentina, Chile, and Peru, Jose de San Martin, is considered the national hero. The Chile flag has two horizontal bands of white and red, with a blue square, which bears a white five-pointed star in the center. The Chilean coat of arms has turquoise blue, white, and red as its stamp; by supports one huemul rampant to its right and a condor his left along with the crowns on the head of animals. On the bottom part, the official motto is written in capital letters.

The huemul and the condor are the national animals of the country. Chilean Bellflower and Araucaria Araucana are other significant symbols accepted as national flowers and trees, respectively. Curanto, a way of cooking using hot stones in a hole covered with sheets of pangue and sods, is the national dish, while pisco sour, an alcoholic cocktail with pisco and lemon juice, is the national drink. Ponchos are the national dress which is a rectangular piece of heavy and thick fabric. Cueca is the folkloric dance, which is danced in circular figures, with turns and half turns.

Globally famous writer Pablo Neruda is considered the national poet along with Gabriela Mestral, who is a locally famous significant poet. Chileans love football, but the national sport is Chilean Rodeo. Santiago General Cemetary in the capital is one of the country’s symbols as it has the tomb of many important figures of Chile. LATAM Airlines is the national airline, and “Where The Impossible Is Possible” is the touristic motto of Chile.

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