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National symbols of Belarus

The national tree of Belarus is

The national bird of Belarus is White stork

The national currency of Belarus is Belarusian ruble

The country code of Belarus is +375

The national sports of Belarus is Football

The national language of Belarus is Belarusian

The capital city of Belarus is Minsk

The national color(s) of Belarus: Red, white and green

The national flower of Belarus is Flax

The national fruit of Belarus is

The national anthem of Belarus is called My Belarusy

The national monument of Belarus is Minsk Hero City Obelisk

The TLD(top level domain) of Belarus is .by

The ISO-4217 of Belarus is BY

The National Emblem / Coat of Arms of Belarus is 953, 953, National emblem of Belarus, National-emblem-of-Belarus.png, 360810, https://symbolhunt.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/National-emblem-of-Belarus.png, https://symbolhunt.com/belarus/national-emblem-of-belarus/, , 4, , , national-emblem-of-belarus, inherit, 512, 2021-01-13 09:50:21, 2021-01-13 09:50:21, 0, image/png, image, png, https://symbolhunt.com/wp-includes/images/media/default.png, 647, 641, Array

The religion of Belarus is Eastern Orthodoxy (Belarusian Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church) made up about 82%. Roman Catholicism is practised mostly in the western regions, and there are also different denominations of Protestantism. Minorities also practice Greek Catholicism, Judaism, Islam and Neopaganism. Overall, 48.3% of the population is Orthodox Christian, 41.1% is not religious, 7.1% is Catholic and 3.3% follows other religions.

The national dance of Belarus is Lyavonkha, Yurachka, Chobaty, Lyanok, Bulba and Charot.

The national dish of Belarus is Draniki

The national animal of Belarus is European bison

The national bird of Belarus is White stork

The ethnicity of Belarus is 84.9% Belarusians 7.5% Russians 3.1% Poles 1.7% Ukrainians 2.8% Other