National Symbols of Singapore

Singapore is a country in Asia. It shares borders with the following countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, . The capital of Singapore is Singapore.

The official language is Malay and the Singapore dollar is the currency of the Singapore. The domain is .sg and the country code is +65.

National day is celebrated on 9 Aug 1965. Every country in the world has national symbols including national animal, national flower, motto, etc and Singapore is no exception.

In Singapore, Football is considered as a national sport, and it is a passion of many Singapore people. Singapore Sling cocktail is not only a traditional drink, but one of the national drink of Singapore. As poetry is a highly appreciated art, many poets like Edwin Thumboo represent a national Singapore symbol.

The country was founded by Lee Kuan Yew. The current president of Singapore is Halimah Yacob and Lee Hsien Loong is the Prime Minister.

In Singapore the power plugs and sockets are of type C, G, M. The standard voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz.

The Singapore national anthem was written by Zubir Said and composed by Zubir Said.

Country information

Former name(s) Sea Town
Official name(s) Republic of Singapore
Alternative name(s) Republic of Singapore (official, English)
Regional location Southeastern Asia, islands between Malaysia and Indonesia
Country name etymology "Lion City", from Singapura (in Malay) derives from Sanskrit word simhapura.
Climate Tropical; hot, humid, rainy; two distinct monsoon seasons - Northeastern monsoon (December to March) and Southwestern monsoon (June to September); inter-monsoon - frequent afternoon and early evening thunderstorms
Terrain Lowland; gently undulating central plateau contains water catchment area and nature preserve
Population 5,850,342
National Day 9 Aug 1965
Language(s) Malay
Religion Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism & folk religion
Country code +65
Literacy rate 97.0%
Currency Singapore dollar
Capital city Singapore
Domain(TLD) .sg
Ethnicity Chinese, Malay, Indian
Head of government Prime Minister
Nationality Singapore
Driving side Drive on the Left-hand side
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Total area 728.3 km2 (281.2 sq mi)
Timezone UTC+8 (Singapore Standard Time)
Average elevation 15 m (49 ft)
Coastline 193 Km
Mains electricity 230 V
Emergency telephone numbers Emergency Telephone Numbers

Coat of arms

Flag map of Singapore

Flag map of Singapore

Motto of Singapore

Majulah Singapura - "Onward Singapore"

National animal of Singapore

The National animal of Singapore is Asiatic Lion

National Animal of Singapore - Asiatic Lion

National flower of Singapore

The National flower of Singapore is Hybrid Orchid. Botanical name is Orchidaceae.

National flower of Singapore - Hybrid Orchid

National bird of Singapore

The National bird of Singapore is Crimson Sunbird

National bird of Singapore - Crimson Sunbird

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Singapore Proverbs - Popular quotes, proverbs and sayings.

Though a tree grow ever so high, the falling leaves return to the ground.

To bend a bamboo, start when it is a shoot.

To truly love your wife, leave her alone every once in a while.

When you go away, the conversation changes.

Where there is sugar, there are bound to be ants.

Where there’s a carcass, there will be vultures.

You can’t get at the precious sago without first breaking the bark.

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