Saudi Arabia
Lā ʾilāha illā l-Lāh; Muḥammadu r-rasūlu l-Lāh -"There is no God other than God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God"
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Saudi Arabia or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country located in Western Asia covering the vast majority of the Arabian Peninsula. Riyadh, the capital, is the main financial hub and the largest city on the Arabian Peninsula. Islam is the national religion and Arabic is the national language. The national currency of Saudi Arabia is the Saudi riyal (SAR).

The founder of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Ibn Saud who united the four regions into a single state. Saudis celebrate the national day on the 23rd of September which marks the unification of the country as a kingdom.

Saudi Arabia’s national anthem was first adopted without lyrics and was played at official ceremonies. The lyrics were later written by Ibrahim Khafaji.

The national Saudi emblem is represented by two crossed swords with a palm tree in the middle; the national colors are white and green. Arabs and Afro-Asians constitute the ethnic composition of Saudis.

Thawb, a long-sleeved dress represents the national Saudi costume; along with a headpiece called Shemagh.

Ardha or the sword dance is the national Saudi dance; where two rows of men stand facing each other holding a sword or a cane. The dance is performed along with drums and poetry.

Kabsa is by far the national dish of Saudis. It’s a flavorful dish of chicken or meat over spiced basmati rice served on a big platter.

Saudi Arabia is the homeland of the Phoenix palm tree, thus it’s not just the national tree, but serves as a national symbol as well. The rhanterium epapposum is the national flower and grows abundantly in the Arabian Peninsula. “The ship of the desert” or the Arabian Camel is the national animal of the country due to the vast desert area in the country. Respectively the powerful and majestic Falcon is the national bird.

Football is the most popular sport for Saudis and is thus the country’s national sport.

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