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Qatar, officially known as the state of Qatar, is a country in Western Asia on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Doha is the capital and the most populous city in the country. Bedouins, Hadar, and Afro-Arabs constitute the ethnicity of Qatar. Islam is the official religion. Qataris are largely Sunni Muslims with a minority of Shia. Arabic is the national language in the country. The national currency is the Qatari Riyal (QAR).

Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani is the ruler of the state. Qatar National Day is celebrated on the 18th of December. A variety of shows are performed on that day including the national dance Ardha, along with different themed events and parades conducted by the armed forces.

Qatari National Anthem “As-Salām Al-ʾAmīrī” opens with an Oath urging citizens to follow in their forefathers’ footsteps. The lyrics were written by Mubarak bin Saïf al-Thani and the music was composed by Abdul Aziz Nasser Obaidan. White and maroon are the two national colors that constitute Qatar’s flag. The emblem shows two bent swords with a sailing ship in the middle.

The traditional Thobe is a man’s national dress in Qatar. It consists of a long white shirt worn over loose pants and is widely worn by locals. Machboos, the national dish of Qatar, is a delicious rice-based dish served with marinated chicken or meat. Besides food, Karak, a mix of black tea and condensed milk with cardamom, is the national drink that has become a staple of life in Qatar, enjoyed by both locals and expatriates alike.

Qatar’s national bird is the falcon which is commonly used as a hunting tool due to its keen eyesight. The Arabian Oryx with its straight horns is Qatar’s national animal.

Qatar’s national flower, the Qataf, grows along the country’s coastline whereas the Sedra represents an icon of the country’s culture and heritage, and is thus Qatar’s national tree.

Qatar shows great interest in sports especially football that is the national sport. Qatar even celebrates National Sports Day on the 6th of December.

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