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National symbols of Oman

The national tree of Oman is Not Declared

The national bird of Oman is Barbary falcon

The national currency of Oman is Omani Riyal

The country code of Oman is +968

The national sports of Oman is Football

The national language of Oman is Arabic

The capital city of Oman is Muscat

The national color(s) of Oman: Red, white and green

The national flower of Oman is Jasmine

The national fruit of Oman is Not Declared

The national anthem of Oman is called as-Salâm as-Solṭâni

The national monument of Oman is Nizwa Fort

The TLD(top level domain) of Oman is .om

The ISO-4217 of Oman is OMN

The National Emblem / Coat of Arms of Oman is 1106, 1106, National_emblem_of_Oman, National_emblem_of_Oman.png, 138552, https://symbolhunt.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/National_emblem_of_Oman.png, https://symbolhunt.com/oman/national_emblem_of_oman/, , 4, , , national_emblem_of_oman, inherit, 633, 2021-01-19 13:04:48, 2021-01-19 13:04:48, 0, image/png, image, png, https://symbolhunt.com/wp-includes/images/media/default.png, 575, 577, Array

The religion of Oman is Islam

The national dance of Oman is Sword dance

The national dish of Oman is Shuwa

The national animal of Oman is Arabian oryx

The national bird of Oman is Barbary falcon

The ethnicity of Oman is -