National anthem of Montserrat: Motherland

The Montserratian national anthem was written by Howard Fergus and composed by George Irish.

1. Oh Montserrat, proud Motherland Your children raise your standard high. In toil and tears to serve you well The emerald jewel from God’s hand CHORUS: Oh Montserrat, by nature blest To you your children sing Come well or woe, come friend or foe To you your people cling 2. Rise up and make our country great With art and skill and sacrifice With masque and drum we celebrate Triumphant masters of our fate Chorus 3. We sing our land in harmony May God be her eternal guard And make Montserrat a house of hope, A haven in the Carib Sea. Chorus 4. No pestilence shall mar your shore No fount of sadness overwhelm A people striving under God Their spirits free forevermore Chorus

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Montserrat is known for its volcanic landscape

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