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Ten mouths speaking are not as good as seeing with one’s own eyes; ten eyes that see are not as good as what one has in one’s hand.

Live with vultures, become a vulture; live with crows, become a crow.

A person’s stripes are inside; those of a tiger are outside.

When you have money, you can speak; When you have wood, you can build your home.

If you must be a servant, serve the rich; if you must be a dog, let it be a temple dog.

Although he who walks behind an elephant may feel very secure, he is likely to get splattered with elephant dung.

One has to cross upstream, higher up, to come downstream properly.

Learning means loving the country.

Listen with one ear; be suspicious with the other.

When you’ve heard it you must see it; when you’ve seen it make a judgement with your heart.

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Laos is known for holding the title of "Country of a Million Elephants." It is well-known for its breathtaking landscapes and undiscovered areas

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