National Animal of Ireland

The national animal of Ireland is Irish Hare. Scientific name of Irish Hare is Lepus timidus. Unveiling the Emerald Isle's Symbols: Exploring Ireland's National Animal and Bird

Unveiling the Emerald Isle's Symbols: Exploring Ireland's National Animal and Bird

Ireland, with its captivating landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, also boasts a diverse array of wildlife. Let's delve into the symbols that represent this unique nation, exploring the National Animal of Ireland, the National Bird of Ireland, and other fascinating facts.

Does Ireland Have a National Animal?

While Ireland doesn't have an officially declared national animal, one creature holds a special place in the hearts of many: the Irish hare (also known as the mountain hare). This unique subspecies, found nowhere else on Earth, has thrived in Ireland for millions of years. Its resilience, agility, and symbolic association with the island have cemented its status as a beloved animal symbol of Ireland. You can learn more about the Irish hare on Wikipedia.

What Animal Represents Ireland?

As mentioned earlier, the Irish hare is widely recognized as the national animal of Ireland, even though it hasn't received an official designation. Its presence in Irish folklore and its long history inhabiting the island contribute to its symbolic representation.

What is the National Bird of Ireland?

The national bird of Ireland is the beautiful robin redbreast. This cheerful songbird, with its distinctive red breast, is a familiar sight across the Irish landscape. Its presence brings joy to gardens and parks, and its cheery song is often associated with the arrival of spring. The robin redbreast has earned its place as a cherished bird of Ireland official, celebrated in folklore and literature for centuries. You can find more information about the robin redbreast on Wikipedia.

Ireland's National Animal and Bird: A Unique Combination

While Ireland may not have an officially declared national animal, the Irish hare stands tall as a widely recognized and cherished symbol, embodying the spirit of the Emerald Isle. And the robin redbreast, with its melodious song and enduring presence, continues to hold a special place as the national bird, captivating hearts and imaginations across Ireland.

List of Birds of Ireland

Bird Irish national animal Scientific Name Bird Family
Arctic Tern Geabhróg artach Sterna paradisaea Terns
Balearic Shearwater Cánóg Bhailéarach Puffinus mauretanicus Tubenoses
Bar-tailed Godwit Guilbneach stríocearrach Limosa lapponica Waders
Barn Owl Scréachóg reilige Tyto alba Owls
Barnacle Goose Gé ghiúrainn Branta leucopsis Geese
Bean Goose Síolghé Anser fabalis Geese
Bewick’s Swan Eala Bewick Cygnus columbianus Swans
Black Brant Cadhan Branta bernicla nigricans Geese
Black Guillemot Foracha dhubh Cepphus grylle Auks
Black Redstart Earrdheargán dubh Phoenicurus ochruros Chats
Black-headed Gull Sléibhín Larus ridibundus Gulls
Black-necked Grebe Foitheach píbdhubh Podiceps nigricollis Grebes
Black-tailed Godwit Guilbneach earrdhubh Limosa limosa Waders
Black-throated Diver Lóma Artach Gavia arctica Divers
Blackbird Lon dubh Turdus merula Thrushes
Blackcap Caipín dubh Sylvia atricapilla Warblers
Blue Tit Meantán gorm Cyanistes caeruleus Tits
Brambling Breacán Fringilla montifringilla Finches
This list is not exhaustive, but it provides an overview of some of the birds you may encounter in Ireland.

National Animal of Ireland - Irish Hare

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