Dios, patria y libertad - "God, homeland, and freedom"
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Located on the Ecuador line from which the country gets its name, the Republic of Ecuador is the second smallest country in South America (283,561 km2) with a great diversity of landscapes and culture. The country borders Colombia from the north and Peru from the south and east, while it has the Pacific Ocean on its west coast. The capital is Quito, with the best-preserved historic center in Latin America. The official language is Spanish, but as the ethnicity is quite diverse with Mestizo mixed Native and White & Montubio, many languages are spoken. Ecuadorians are primarily Catholic, but a minority of Protestants also exists. Ecuador uses United States Dollars while the country code is +593 and the official domain is “.ec.”

“God, Homeland, and Freedom” is the country’s motto. Furthermore, the Andean Condor is the country’s national symbol, while it is also the national bird. The national emblem consists of the red-blue-yellow-striped national flag, an Andean Condor carrying the view of a mountain and river landscape. The 10th of August is the national day, the nation’s Independence Day in 1809, where the country earned its freedom from Spain with the help of the founder of the republic Juan Jose Flores.

Guatatita is another symbol: a special beef stew served with rice, and it is the national dish of Ecuador. In contrast, the national drink is Aguardiente, an alcoholic beverage made from anis. The delicious Guanabana is another symbol and the national fruit, while the national flower is the rose. Cinchona Pubescens is the national tree with its beautiful trunk flowers.

Ecuadorians like dancing and music, which can be seen in their folkloric dance Sanjuanito which originates from indigenous cultures. The shimba, a long braid that hangs down nearly to the man’s waist, is considered the national dress. The indigenous bamboo flute called Rondador is the national instrument that sounds quite amazing. The national sport is Ecuavolley which is a variant of Volleyball, but the most-watched sport is football. On the other hand, Ecuador has its own airline called TAME.

Commander of the Army of the South and Grand Marshal of Ayacucho, Antonio Jose De Sucre, from the 18th and 19th century, is the country’s National Hero, and Eloy Alfaro is referred to as the national hero mausoleum.

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