National Symbols of Djibouti

Djibouti is a country in Africa. It shares borders with the following countries: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, . The capital of Djibouti is Jībūtī.

The official language is Afar and the Djiboutian franc is the currency of the Djibouti. The domain is .dj and the country code is +253.

National day is celebrated on 27 Jun 1977. Every country in the world has national symbols including national animal, national flower, motto, etc and Djibouti is no exception.

In Djibouti, Football is considered as a national sport, and it is a passion of many Djiboutian people. No official National drink is not only a traditional drink, but one of the national drink of Djibouti. As poetry is a highly appreciated art, many poets like Not Declared represent a national Djiboutian symbol.

The country was founded by Hassan Gouled Aptidon. The current president of Djibouti is Ismaïl Omar Guelleh and Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed is the Prime Minister.

In Djibouti the power plugs and sockets are of type C, E. The standard voltage is 220 V and the frequency is 50 Hz.

The Djiboutian national anthem was written by Aden Elmi and composed by Abdi Robleh.

Country information

Official name(s) The Republic of Djibouti
Alternative name(s) Republic of Djibouti (official, English)
Regional location Eastern Africa, bordering the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, between Eritrea and Somalia
Country name etymology "Djibouti" means "Land of Tehuti" or Land of Thoth, after the Egyptian moon god.
Climate Desert; torrid, dry
Terrain Coastal plain and plateau separated by central mountains
Population 988,000
National Day 27 Jun 1977
Language(s) Afar
Religion Islam, Christianity
Country code +253
Literacy rate 52.8%
Currency Djiboutian franc
Capital city Jībūtī
Domain(TLD) .dj
Ethnicity Somalis, Afar
Head of government Prime Minister
Nationality Djiboutian
Driving side Drive on the Right-hand side
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Total area 23,200 km2 (9,000 sq mi)
Timezone UTC+3 (EAT)
Average elevation 14 m
Coastline 314 Km
Mains electricity 220 V
Emergency telephone numbers Emergency Telephone Numbers

Coat of arms

Flag map of Djibouti

Flag map of Djibouti

Motto of Djibouti

Itixaad, Gudboonaan, Ammaan and Unité, Égalité, Paix - "Unity, Equality, Peace"

National animal of Djibouti

The National animal of Djibouti is Elk

National Animal of Djibouti - Elk

National flower of Djibouti

The National flower of Djibouti is Not Declared. Botanical name is .

National bird of Djibouti

The National bird of Djibouti is Djibouti francolin

National bird of Djibouti - Djibouti francolin

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Djiboutian Proverbs - Popular quotes, proverbs and sayings.

A king's child is a slave elsewhere.

What forgets is the ax, but the tree that has been axed will never forget.

It is no shame at all to work for money.

A loose tooth will not rest until it's pulled out.

He who digs too deep for a fish may come out with a snake.

The path is made by walking.

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