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Somalia is a country with an area of 637 thousand square kilometers, which is located on the peninsula of the same name in the North-Eastern part of Africa. Somalia shares land borders with Kenya, Djibouti, and Ethiopia. The northern coast of the country is washed by the Gulf of Aden, the southern and eastern coasts-by the Indian Ocean. The capital of the country is the city of Mogadishu.

The population of Somalia is more than 10 million people, 98% of whom belong to various tribes with the common names “Somalia” (East African race). There are also a small number of Italians, Arabs, and Indians living in the country. Most of the population adheres to Islam.

The official languages of the State are Somali and Arabic. The domain is .so and the country code is +252. In Somalia, the official currency is the Somali shilling. It is designated as SOS.

Baasto iyo Sugo Hilib Shiidan (Spaghetti Bolognese) is a national dish of Somalia made from pasta, seasoned with cumin, cardamom, cloves and sage. The common use of pasta (baasto), such as spaghetti, comes from the Italians. But in Somalia, it is usually a thicker, stewed dish than Italian pasta with sauce.

National symbols of Somalia are Somalian flag, “Qolobaa Calankeed” National Anthem and the Coat of Arms. The Coat of Arms of Somalia is an azure shield with a gold border, with a silver five-pointed star in the center. The national flag of the Federal Republic of Somalia is one of the national symbols of Somalia, which is a rectangular blue cloth with an aspect ratio of 2:3. The flag was created by Mohamed Awal Liban on October 12, 1954.

The traditional clothing of the Somalis men is a piece of white cotton cloth wrapped around the hips, supported by a leather belt, and weapons, a cape — like cape, shoes-rough sandals with thick leather soles.

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