National Symbols of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in Europe. It shares borders with the following countries: Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, . The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Sarajevo.

The official language is Bosnian and the Bosnian Mark is the currency of the Bosnia and Herzegovina. The domain is .ba and the country code is +387.

National day is celebrated on 1 Mar 1992. Every country in the world has national symbols including national animal, national flower, motto, etc and Bosnia and Herzegovina is no exception.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Football is considered as a national sport, and it is a passion of many Bosnian or Herzegovinian people. Rakija is not only a traditional drink, but one of the national drink of Bosnia and Herzegovina. As poetry is a highly appreciated art, many poets like Izet Sarajlić represent a national Bosnian or Herzegovinian symbol.

The country was founded by Tvrtko I of Bosnia. The current president of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Željko Komšić.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina the power plugs and sockets are of type C, F. The standard voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz.

The Bosnian or Herzegovinian national anthem was written by N/A and composed by Dušan Šestić.

Country information

Official name(s) Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Alternative name(s) Bosnia and Herzegovina (official, English)
Regional location Southeastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea and Croatia
Country name etymology "Land of the river Bosna" in Latin.
Climate Hot summers and cold winters; areas of high elevation have short, cool summers and long, severe winters; mild, rainy winters along coast
Terrain Mountains and valleys
Population 3,280,819
National Day 1 Mar 1992
Language(s) Bosnian
Religion Islam, Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Other
Country code +387
Literacy rate 97.0%
Currency Bosnian Mark
Capital city Sarajevo
Domain(TLD) .ba
Ethnicity Bosniaks, Serbs, & Croats
Head of government Chairman of the Council of Ministers
Nationality Bosnian or Herzegovinian
Driving side Drive on the Right-hand side
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Total area 51,129 km2 (19,741 sq mi)
Timezone UTC+01 (CET)
Average elevation 500 m (1,640 ft)
Coastline 20 Km
Mains electricity 230 V
Emergency telephone numbers Emergency Telephone Numbers

Coat of arms

Flag map of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Flag map of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Motto of Bosnia and Herzegovina

No official motto

National animal of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The National animal of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Tornjak

National Animal of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Tornjak

National flower of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The National flower of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Golden Lily. Botanical name is Lilium Auratum.

National flower of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Golden Lily

National bird of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The National bird of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Not Declared

Rest of the National symbols of Bosnia and Herzegovina 👇

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Bosnian or Herzegovinian Proverbs - Popular quotes, proverbs and sayings.

Don’t be misled by the tears of a beggar.

Why would you use poison if you can kill with honey?

Who lies to you will lie against you.

When the ass was invited to the wedding feast he said, “They need more wood and water.”

When an ant gets wings, it loses its head.

Two things rule the world: reward and punishment.

The eyes of all cheats are full of tears.

He who heeds the first word of his wife must listen forever to the second.

During the battle you cannot lend your sword to anyone.

Clean your own yard first before asking others to clean theirs.

A tree does not grow from the sky.

A brave man seldom is hurt in the back.

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