Libertad o Muerte - "Liberty or Death"
Motto of Uruguay

National symbols of Uruguay

Lying along the Atlantic Ocean, Uruguay is the second-smallest country in South America and is bordered by Brazil and Argentina. The capital city is Montevideo, while the official language is Spanish. The population is primarily white Mestizo and Native and is mainly Christian. The country uses Peso Urugayo as the official currency while the country code is +598 and the official domain is “.uy.”

“Liberty Or Death” is the country’s official motto, originating from the War of Independence of the United Provinces of the River La Plata, which ended in 1825 with Argentina and Uruguay earning their independence from Brazil and the Kingdom of Portugal. The day of the declaration, the 25th of August is still celebrated as the national day. The leading commander Jose Gervasio Artigas is the father and the national hero of the country. The flag features nine equal horizontal stripes alternating white and blue, the national colors, and the Sun Of May in the upper right-hand corner. The national emblem features an oval with the Sun Of May on top. The oval is surrounded by olive tree branches and has four sections in which a golden scale, Montevideo Hill, a galloping black horse, and a golden ox can be found.

The national animal and bird of the country are Southern Lapwing which is extremely common in the country and is a strong national symbol. The national flower is the Erythrina crista-Galli or Ceibo, while the national tree is the endemic Cockspur Croal Tree with its impressive red flowers. Another country symbol, Chivito, is considered the national dish, a typical beef sandwich, and mate is the national drink, an infusion of yerba mate leaves. Blueberries are a big part of Uruguayan culture and are the national fruit. They are also considered Uruguayan symbols. Gauchos, the whole Latin cowboy dress, is the folkloric dress along with the folkloric dance, candombe that originated from Afro-Uruguayan origin.

Like many other Latin Americans, Uruguayans love football, and it is the national sport. Juan Zorilla de San Martin, the famous poet, diplomat, and journalist, is respected and loved as the national poet of Uruguay. The national monument is the Artigas mausoleum, where the national hero Artigas’ tomb is located. Uruguay also has a national airline called Pluna Lineas.

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