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Sri Lanka is a country located in South Asia, just north of the equator and south of India. The official name of the State is the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is the official capital and the largest city and commercial capital of the island is Colombo. Colombo is the largest industrial, business and cultural center of the country.

The population of Sri Lanka is more than 20 million people. About 70% of the population are Sinhalese (they mainly practice Buddhism), 15% are Tamils (adherents of Hinduism), just over 5% are Moors and Malays (Muslims).

The official language of Sri Lanka is Sinhala, an Indo-Arabian language group. The main religion of the majority of Sinhalese is Buddhism, while the Tamils are Hindu. In addition, Christianity and Islam are professed.
The domain is .lk and the country code is +94. The currency of the Republic of Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan rupee.

The national symbols of Sri Lanka are the National Anthem of Sri Lanka “Sri Lanka Matha”, the flag, the emblem, the blue water lily and the Sri Lankan jungle bird.

The Sri Lankan Jungle Bird is the one of the nationals symbols of Sri Lanka. The colorful bird is endemic to Sri Lanka and is commonly found in national parks, jungles, and dense thickets.
Volleyball was officially recognized as the national sport of Sri Lanka in 1991. The sport was introduced to Sri Lanka in 1916. However, it is believed that the Sri Lankans were engaged in this sport before its appearance.

Rice and curry is considered a national dish in Sri Lanka. The dish is made from rice with various vegetable and /or meat curry dishes.

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