National Symbols of South Africa

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  1. Introduction
  2. Country Information
  3. Coat of arms
  4. Flag map
  5. Country motto
  6. National animal
  7. National flower
  8. National bird
  9. Rest of national symbols
  10. State symbols
  11. Neighbouring countries
  12. Proverbs & sayings
  13. Compare with other countries
  14. Location

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South Africa is one of the most extraordinary countries on the African continent. Its population, traditions, and culture are a colorful mosaic. 80% of the population of South Africa is black African. About 8% of the population are descendants of European colonists, mainly from the Netherlands (Afrikaners) and Great Britain. Also in South Africa, there are mestizos and descendants of immigrants from India. The heterogeneity of the population is complemented by linguistic diversity — 11 languages have official status. The most common languages are Zulu and English, as well as Xhosa and Afrikaans.

South Africa is located in the extreme South of the African continent. It is bordered to the Northwest by Namibia, to the North by Botswana and Zimbabwe, and the Northeast by Mozambique and Swaziland.
Pretoria is officially considered the main capital of South Africa, as the country’s government is located there. The other two branches of government are located in two other cities: the Parliament in Cape Town, and the Supreme Court in Bloemfontein.

The currency of South Africa is the South African Rand. The domain is .za and the country code is +27.

Full freedom of religion is enshrined in the law of South Africa. More than 80% of the population is Christian (most Protestants). Some Africans adhere to traditional African beliefs (animalism, fetishism, the cult of ancestors, guardians of the hearth, the forces of nature, etc.). The Muslim community (most profess Sunni Islam) includes Cape Malays, Indians, immigrants from northern Mozambique, etc.

National symbols of South Africa are the flag, National anthem, National Orders, Real yellowwood, blue crane, and King Protea. In addition, the national symbols of South Africa include springbuck.

The Springbuck, South Africa’s national animal, is the most abundant antelope in the central and western parts of South Africa. Some herds are still free roaming within some of its natural range, but most are now confined to farmlands and reserves. They are a common feature in most of South Africa’s national, provincial, and private reserves.

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Country information

Former name(s) South African Republic
Official name(s) Republic of South Africa
Alternative name(s) Azania, Mzansi (Xhosa, for South)
Regional location Southern Africa, at the southern tip of the continent of Africa
Country name etymology The name "South Africa" is derived from the country's geographic location at the southern tip of Africa
Climate Mostly semiarid; subtropical along east coast; sunny days, cool nights
Terrain Vast interior plateau rimmed by rugged hills and narrow coastal plain
Population 59,308,690
National Day 27 Apr 1994
Language(s) Afrikaans, English, Venda, and Zulu
Religion Christianity, Protestantism, and other Christianity faiths
Country code +27
Literacy rate 94.4%
Currency South African Rand
Capital city Cape Town, Pretoria, Bloemfontein
Domain(TLD) .za
Ethnicity Black African, and Asian
Head of government President
Nationality South African
Driving side Drive on the Left-hand side
Date format yyy/mm/dd
Total area 1,221,037 km² (471,445 sq mi)
Timezone UTC+2 (SAST)
Average elevation 1,034 m (3,392 ft)
Coastline 2,798 km
Mains electricity 230 V
Emergency telephone numbers Emergency Telephone Numbers

Coat of arms

Flag map of South Africa

Flag map of South Africa

Motto of South Africa

ǃke xarra ke - "Diverse people unite or Unity in Diversity"

National animal of South Africa

The National animal of South Africa is Springbuck

National Animal of South Africa - Springbuck

National flower of South Africa

The National flower of South Africa is King Protea. Botanical name is Protea cynaroides.

National flower of South Africa - King Protea

National bird of South Africa

The National bird of South Africa is Blue crane

National bird of South Africa - Blue crane

Rest of the National symbols of South Africa 👇

Neighbouring countries of South Africa

South African Proverbs - Popular quotes, proverbs and sayings.

Two eyes help each other.

In a herd of cattle, it doesn’t matter which is ahead.

No hill without gravestones, no valley without shadows.

You might stint me, but be generous to my child.

No death is different.

When you have a lot to do, start with a meal.

A river is filled by tributaries.

Where there is honey, there are bound to be ants.

Two wives, two pots of poison.

When you become wise of the healer, also become wise of the sickness.

A traveller is provided for.

The dupe who takes possession of a lame ox is seldom recognised as a fool.

The heart is like a goat that has to be tied up.

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