National anthem of Sint Maarten: "O Sweet Saint Martin's Land"

The Sint Maartener national anthem was written by Gerard Kemps and composed by Gerard Kemps.

Where over the world, say where, You find an island there, So lovely small with nations free With people French and Dutch Though talking English much, As thee Saint Martin in the sea ? Chorus : O sweet Saint Martin's Land So bright by beach and strand With sailors on the sea and harbors free Where the chains of mountains green Variously in sunlight sheen Oh I love thy Paradise, Nature beauty fairly nice (twice)'' How pretty between all green Flamboyants beaming gleam Of flowers red by sunlight set Thy cows and sheep and goats In meadows or on the roads Thy donkeys keen I can't forget Thy useful birds in white Their morn and evening flight Like aircraft-wings in unity Their coming down for food Then turning back to roost Bring home to me their harmony Saint Martin I like thy name In which Columbus fame And memories of old are closed For me a great delight Thy Southern Cross the night May God the Lord protect thy coast!

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Sint Maarten is known for its stunning views, beaches, and French Caribbean cuisine

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