National Symbols of Scotland

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Table Of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Country Information
  3. Coat of arms
  4. Flag map
  5. Country motto
  6. National animal
  7. National flower
  8. National bird
  9. Rest of national symbols
  10. State symbols
  11. Neighbouring countries
  12. Proverbs & sayings
  13. Compare with other countries
  14. Location

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Scotland is a country in Europe. The people of Scotland are called Scottish. Scotland has a 96-mile (154-kilometer) border with England to the southeast and is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, the North Sea to the northeast, and the Irish Sea to the south.

Etymology discusses where a term is considered to have originated from and how its meaning has changed over time. Etymology has been a factor in the naming of countries all across the world, and Scotland has also been influenced. The etymology of Scotland can be defined as; “Land of the Scots”, from the Latin “Scoti” as recorded by the Romans.

An ethnicity is a group or sub-group of people who are connected based on common characteristics which may include religion, origin, language, traditions, or culture. The ethnic groups in Scotland include Asian, Black, Mixed, and Arab.

Loganair is the national airline of Scotland. The national color of the country is blue. The ISO code is GB-SCT.

Scotland is known for its castles, Loch Ness Monster, and rich Scottish culture. The national dish of Scotland is Haggis, (a savoury meat pudding). Whisky, in addition to being a traditional beverage, is one of the country’s national drinks. The national instrument of Scotland is the Highland bagpipes.

The country has the time zone UTC (Greenwich Mean Time) followed by dd/mm/yyyy (AD) as the standard date format.

Scotland is divided into 32 Council Areas. The capital of the country is Edinburgh, which is also the largest city in Scotland.

The literacy rate in Scotland is 100%.

The country’s total area is 77,933 km² (30,090 sq mi), and the total population is 5,466,000. The country’s average elevation is 500 ft (150 meters), whereas the country’s terrain can be defined as; Dramatic mountains and glens, forests and moorlands, and a highly indented coastline. The country’s usual climate is a temperate maritime climate.

The area of land next to a sea is called the coast, and a coastline is defined as the line where land and sea meet. Scotland has 9,910 km of coastline.

The Pound sterling serves as the national unit of currency, and The Scottish Reserve Bank is recognized as the country’s central bank. The domain for Scotland is .scot and the country code is +44. The Thistle is the country’s coat of arms.

Museums are known to educate and connect visitors with the nation’s history, culture, civilization, art, and architecture. The National Museum of Scotland serves the same purpose and is considered one of the most significant tourist attractions. The National Museum of Scotland is home to a large collection of artifacts. It has been designated as the national museum of the country.

The national dress of Scotland is the Kilt, and 11 May is designated as National Day. In Scotland, the majority of the population practices Christianity, Islam, Traditional faiths, Hinduism, and Buddhism as their religion.

Nature is a blessing from God and we must protect it because it provides us with the oxygen and food to survive. It also helps to keep our environment beautiful and clean. To emphasize the significance of nature, Scotland has selected a few forces of nature as national symbols. Scotland’s national bird is the Golden eagle, while its national animal is the Unicorn. The national flower is Thistle, whereas Apple is the country’s national fruit. The national tree of Scotland is the Scots pine, and the highest peak is Ben Nevis.

Mythical creatures can be found in the literature and mythologies of many different nations. They represent imaginative representations of various creatures, humans, or hybrids. They are known for their specific features, supernatural abilities, and distinctive appearance. The mythical creature of Scotland is Unicorn.

Sports have always played an important role in developing the social and cultural structure of Scotland and other countries. When it comes to designating a sport as the official symbol, Football is considered the country’s national sport.

Poetry is a highly valued form of art, and many poets are considered significant national symbols of the country. The national poet of Scotland is Robert Burns.

Kenneth I is the founder of Scotland.

Mausoleums are buildings dedicated to holding someone’s remains. It serves as a reminder of the nation’s revolutionary fighters who sacrificed their lives for the country. Mausoleums are one of the most significant historical landmarks. The national mausoleum of Scotland is Hamilton Mausoleum. The country’s national hero is William Wallace.

Due to their unique qualities and rich cultural or historical backgrounds, national monuments around the world are of great importance. The National Monument of Scotland is recognized as the national monument of the country. It attracts visitors from all around the world.

The tourism slogan of the country is “Welcome to Scotland” whereas, “In My Defence God Me Defend” (Scots) “In my defense God me defend” is the official motto of the country.

Nicola Sturgeon (First Minister) is the current Prime minister of Scotland.

Scotland has declared Scottish as the country’s official language.

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Country information

Former name(s) Caledonia
Official name(s) Scotland
Alternative name(s) Scots
Regional location Scotland has a 96-mile (154-kilometre) border with England to the southeast and is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, the North Sea to the northeast, and the Irish Sea to the south
Country name etymology "Land of the Scots", from the Latin "Scoti" as recorded by the Romans
Climate Temperate maritime climate
Terrain Dramatic mountains and glens, forests and moorlands, and a highly indented coastline
Population 5,466,000
Language(s) Scottish
Religion Christianity, Islam, Traditional faiths, Hinduism, and Buddhism
Country code +44
Literacy rate 100%
Currency Pound sterling
Capital city Edinburgh
Domain(TLD) .scot
Ethnicity Asian, Black, mixed, and Arab
Head of government First Minister
Nationality Scottish
Driving side Drive on the Left-hand side
Date format dd/mm/yyyy (AD)
Total area 77,933 km² (30,090 sq mi)
Timezone UTC (Greenwich Mean Time)
Average elevation 500 ft (150 metres)
Coastline 9,910 km
Mains electricity 230 V
Emergency telephone numbers Emergency Telephone Numbers

Coat of arms

Flag map of Scotland

Flag map of Scotland

Motto of Scotland

"In My Defence God Me Defend" (Scots) "In my defence God me defend"

National animal of Scotland

The National animal of Scotland is Unicorn

National Animal of Scotland - Unicorn

National flower of Scotland

The National flower of Scotland is Thistle. Botanical name is Cirsium.

National flower of Scotland - Thistle

National bird of Scotland

The National bird of Scotland is Golden eagle

National bird of Scotland - Golden eagle

Rest of the National symbols of Scotland 👇

Scottish Proverbs - Popular quotes, proverbs and sayings.

You will never know a man till you do business with him.

When the heart is full the tongue will speak.

All that’s said in the kitchen should not be told in the hall.

A proud mind and an empty purse grow ill together.

A plump widow needs no advertisement.

Understand the boat and the boat will understand you.

They talk of my drinking but never my thirst.

The geese will tell it in autumn.

Better be ill spoken of by one before all than by all before one.

The Devil’s a busy bishop in his own diocese.

Never take a wife till you know what to do with her.

Every man to his taste, as the man said when he kissed his cow.

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