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New Zealand is a relatively large North and South Islands, as well as almost 700 other tiny islands of Polynesia, washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. The state, due to its geographical location, is somewhat isolated from the rest of the world. The nearest major neighbor of New Zealand is Australia, which is located “some” 1700 kilometers away.

The capital of New Zealand is the city of Wellington, with a population of 418,500. The country’s currency is the New Zealand dollar. There are two official languages – English and Maori.

The ethnic structure of New Zealand: Europeans (mostly from the UK) — 78%, Maori (indigenous) – 10%, other Polynesians-4%, Asian – about 8%.

Today, the most widespread religion in New Zealand is Christianity. Church of England — 24%, Presbyterian – 18%, Catholic-15%, Protestant Churches-10%.
The domain is .nz and the country code is +64.

National symbols of New Zealand are used to represent what is unique about the nation, reflecting different aspects of its cultural life and history. They are the Flag, Coat of Arms, “God Defend New Zealand” and “God Save the Queen” Anthems and national colours. National symbols of New Zealnd have used red ochre, black and white/silver which are considered as national colours.The Māori flag, official since 1990, also uses these colours with attached symbolism.

The Kiwi bird is considered an unofficial national symbol of New Zealand and is found only here. It is a favorite symbol of New Zealand culture, depicted on coins, postage stamps, etc. Kiwi is also a humorous nickname of the New Zealanders themselves.

The Hangi is one of the few dishes that has been preserved in the New Zealand cuisine from the traditions of the Maori. Any food, usually meat with vegetables, fish, root vegetables, is prepared in a special oven underground. All the ingredients are wrapped in leaves (in our time, and in foil), then they are lowered to the bottom of the pit, covered with earth and make a fire. After three to four hours, the food is ready. The Hangi is usually considered a national New Zealand dish.

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