National Symbols of Bermuda

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Table Of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Country Information
  3. Coat of arms
  4. Flag map
  5. Country motto
  6. National animal
  7. National flower
  8. National bird
  9. Rest of national symbols
  10. State symbols
  11. Neighbouring countries
  12. Proverbs & sayings
  13. Compare with other countries
  14. Location

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Bermuda is a country in North America. It shares borders with 4 countries: Turks and Caicos IslandsJamaicaSt Lucia, and Cayman Islands. The people of Bermuda are called Bermudians. The country is situated in North America, a group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, east of South Carolina (U.S.).

Etymology discusses where a term is considered to have originated from and how its meaning has changed over time. Etymology has been a factor in the naming of countries all across the world, and Bermuda has also been influenced. The etymology of Bermuda can be defined as; Named after the Spanish sailor Juan de Bermúdez.

An ethnicity is a group or sub-group of people who are connected based on common characteristics which may include religion, origin, language, traditions, or culture. The ethnic groups in Bermuda include Black, White, Multiracial, and Asian.

The national colors of the country are red, white, blue, black, and yellow. The emoji flag of the country is ????????, and the ISO code is BMU.

Bermuda is known for its clear water, pink-sand beaches, and a diversity of coral and aquatic life. The national dish of Bermuda is Fish Chowder. Rum swizzle, in addition to being a traditional beverage, is one of the country’s national drinks. The national instrument of Bermuda is Steelpan.

The country has the time zone UTC−04:00 (AST) followed by dd/mm/yyyy as the standard date format.

Bermuda is divided into 3 regions (Parishes). St. George’s is Bermuda’s largest city, while Hamilton serves as the capital.

The literacy rate in Bermuda is 98%.

The country’s total area is 53.2 km² (20.5 sq mi), and the total population is 63,903. The country’s average elevation is 38 m (125 ft), whereas the country’s terrain can be defined as; Low hills separated by fertile depressions. The country’s usual climate is subtropical; mild, and humid; gales and strong winds are common in winter.

The area of land next to a sea is called the coast, and a coastline is defined as the line where land and sea meet. Bermuda has 103 km of coastline.

The Bermuda Dollar serves as the national unit of currency, and Bermuda Monetary Authority is recognized as the country’s central bank. The domain for Bermuda is .bm and the country code is +1. The red lion is the country’s coat of arms.

Museums are known to educate and connect visitors with the nation’s history, culture, civilization, art, and architecture. The National Museum of Bermuda serves the same purpose and is considered one of the most significant tourist attractions. The National Museum of Bermuda is home to a large collection of artifacts. It has been designated as the national museum of the country.

The national dress of Bermuda is the Bermuda shorts, and 23 February is designated as National Day. In Bermuda, the majority of the population practices Protestant, and Roman Catholic as their religion.

Nature is a blessing from God and we must protect it because it provides us with the oxygen and food to survive. It also helps to keep our environment beautiful and clean. To emphasize the significance of nature, Bermuda has selected a few forces of nature as national symbols. Bermuda petrel is both the national bird and animal of Bermuda. The national flower is Blue-eyed Grass, whereas Strawberries is the country’s national fruit. The national tree of Bermuda is the Bermuda cedar, and the highest peak is Town Hill.

Sports have always played an important role in developing the social and cultural structure of Bermuda and other countries. When it comes to designating a sport as the official symbol, Cricket is considered the country’s national sport.

Poetry is a highly valued form of art, and many poets are considered significant national symbols of the country. The national poet of Bermuda is Thomas Moore.

Juan de Bermúdez is the founder of Bermuda. The country’s national anthem was written by Bette Johns, and composed by Bette Johns. The country’s national hero is Dame Lois Browne-Evans.

The tourism slogan of the country is “So Much More” whereas, “Quo fata ferunt- “whither the Fates carry [us]” is the official motto of the country.

E. David Burt (Premier) is the current Prime minister of Bermuda, and King Charles III (Monarch) is the President.

Bermuda has declared English as the country’s official language.

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Country information

Former name(s) Somers Isles
Official name(s) Bermuda
Alternative name(s) Colony of Bermuda
Regional location North America, a group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, east of South Carolina (U.S.)
Country name etymology Named after the Spanish sailor Juan de Bermúdez
Climate Subtropical; mild, humid; gales, strong winds common in winter
Terrain Low hills separated by fertile depressions
Population 63,903
Language(s) English
Religion Protestant, Roman Catholic
Country code +1
Literacy rate 98%
Currency Bermuda Dollar
Capital city Hamilton
Domain(TLD) .bm
Ethnicity Black, White, Multiracial, & Asian
Head of government Premier
Nationality Bermudian
Driving side Drive on the Left-hand side
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Total area 53.2 km² (20.5 sq mi)
Timezone UTC−04:00 (AST)
Average elevation 38 m (125 ft)
Coastline 103 km
Mains electricity 120 V
Emergency telephone numbers Emergency Telephone Numbers

Coat of arms

Flag map of Bermuda

Flag map of Bermuda

Motto of Bermuda

Quo fata ferunt- "whither the Fates carry [us]"

National animal of Bermuda

The National animal of Bermuda is Bermuda petrel

National Animal of Bermuda - Bermuda petrel

National flower of Bermuda

The National flower of Bermuda is Blue-eyed Grass. Botanical name is Sisyrinchium Bermudiana.

National flower of Bermuda - Blue-eyed Grass

National bird of Bermuda

The National bird of Bermuda is Bermuda petrel

National bird of Bermuda - Bermuda petrel

Rest of the National symbols of Bermuda 👇

Neighbouring countries of Bermuda

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Country location

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National Flag of Bermuda ????????

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