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Bangladesh is a small, relatively young country in South Asia. The country is surrounded by India to the south, north and west, and borders Myanmar to the southeast and is washed by the waters of the Bay of Bengal. This is the same mysterious Bengal, known for the eponymous tigers and lights. The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka, which is now home to more than 10 million people.

The official language of the population of Bangladesh is Bengali, which belongs to the Indo-European language family.

More than 90% of the population of Bangladesh professes Islam (its Sunni branch), and about 8.7% – Buddhism.

The cuisine in Bangladesh ranges from very sweet and mild to very spicy. Even tourists from Southeast Asia and India, where spices are treated with great sympathy, Bangladeshi cuisine seems very spicy. The main dishes, such as luchi, porota, Naan, and Roti, consist of two components — rice and flatbread. Curry dishes with chicken, fish, beef, lamb or daal are prepared as an addition to the main course.

The taka is the official currency in Bangladesh (its international designation: BTD). One taka = 100 paisa.

The national symbols of Bangladesh consist of symbols to represent Bangladeshi traditions and ideals that reflect the different aspects of its cultural life and history. Bangladesh has several official national symbols, including a historical document, flag, anthem, memorial towers, and several national heroes. There are also several other symbols, including the national animal, bird, flower, and tree.

The Royal Bengal Tiger is one of the national symbols of Bangladesh. It has an estimated population of 440 in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, tigers now live in the forests of the Sundarbans and Chittagong Highlands.

Mango is the national tree of Bangladesh. Mango is native to South Asia, from where it has spread around the world and has become one of the most cultivated fruits in the tropics. Its fruits and leaves are ritually used as floral decorations at weddings, public celebrations, and religious ceremonies.

Country information

Former name(s) East Bengal, East Pakistan
Official name(s) People's Republic of Bangladesh
Alternative name(s) People's Republic of Bangladesh (official, English)
Regional location Southern Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India
Country name etymology "Land of Bengal"
Climate Tropical; mild winter (October to March); hot, humid summer (March to June); humid, warm rainy monsoon (June to October)
Terrain Mostly flat alluvial plain; hilly in southeast
Population 164,689,383
National Day 26 Mar 1971
Language(s) Bengali
Religion Islam (State religion), Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity
Country code +880
Literacy rate 73.9%
Currency Bangladeshi taka
Capital city Dhaka
Domain(TLD) .bd
Ethnicity Bengalis, minorities
Head of government Prime Minister
Nationality Bangladeshi
Driving side Drive on the Left-hand side
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Total area 147,570 km2 (56,980 sq mi)
Timezone UTC+6 (BST)
Average elevation 30 ft
Coastline 580 Km
Mains electricity 220 V
Emergency telephone numbers Emergency Telephone Numbers

Coat of arms

Flag map of Bangladesh

Flag map of Bangladesh

Motto of Bangladesh

No official motto. National slogan and war cry: "Joy Bangla"

National animal of Bangladesh

The National animal of Bangladesh is Royal Bengal Tiger

National Animal of Bangladesh - Royal Bengal Tiger

National flower of Bangladesh

The National flower of Bangladesh is Water lily . Botanical name is Nymphaeaceae.

National flower of Bangladesh - Water lily

National bird of Bangladesh

The National bird of Bangladesh is The magpie robin

National bird of Bangladesh - The magpie robin

Rest of the National symbols of Bangladesh 👇

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Bangladeshi Proverbs - Popular quotes, proverbs and sayings.

The eyes are the mirror of the mind.

A burnt child dreads the fire or Once bitten, twice shy.

Hide the fish with greens.

A beggar cannot be a bankrupt.

Unless a man is simple, he cannot recognize God, the Simple One.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

The deer has enemies because of its flesh.

A cat has nine lives.

Don’t grow too high lest a storm makes you tumble down.

Half truth is more frightening than falsehood.

A one-eyed uncle is better than no uncle at all.

A golden key can open any door.

A drawing man catches or clutches at a straw .

There is not a single village without a river or a rivulet and a folk poet or a minstrel.

A fool and his money are soon parted .

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