Uhuru na Umoja - "Freedom and Unity"
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The United Republic of Tanzania is a country on the East coast of Africa. It is bordered to the North by Kenya and Uganda, to the West by Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and to the South by Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. Tanzania has two capitals. The administrative center is the historical capital of Dar es Salaam, and the legislative center is Dodoma, where the government moved the main bodies in the 1970s.

Official languages of Tanzania are Swahili and English. In Zanzibar, Arabic is widely spoken, and in the mainland, there are many local languages of the Bantu group.

The country’s population is about 50 million people. Most of the population are African peoples and tribes, such as Sukuma, Nyamwezi, Ngonde and Makonde. The rest of the population is Indian, as well as representatives of Arab, Chinese and European descent.

The religious preferences of Tanzania were formed from historical facts, as a result of conquests, colonizations and migrations. At the moment, Christians make up 62% of the population, Muslims 35%, and about 3% adhere to traditional beliefs. Most of the traditional beliefs were preserved in the tribes living far from the cities.

The local currency is the Tanzanian Shilling (TZS). The domain is .tz and the country code is +255.

9th December is the day, when Tanzanian people enjoy the ending of British Empire in Tanganyika in 1961. It is National Day of Tanzania, a day when the citizens living in Tanzania symbolize their freedom with addresses, marches and flags.

National symbols of Tanzania are their Flag, Coat of Arms, their “Liberty and Coalition” Motto and African Blackwood.

Nsima also called as ugali is a kind of cornmeal porridge prepared in Africa. Nsima is most of the times prepared from other flours, such as millet or sorghum flour, and is sometimes mixed with cassava flour. It is cooked in boiling water or milk until it becomes a stiff or firm dough like consistency. Ugali is culturally eaten with hands and is the major common dish in Tanzania.

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