Sierra Leonean Proverbs

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Only a monkey understands a monkey.

A black cow also gives white milk.

If you climb up a tree, you must climb down the same tree.

A paddle here, a paddle there — the canoe stays still.

It is better to be loved than feared.

Invite people into your parlour, and they will come into your bedroom.

Knowledge without practice makes but half an artist.

A hundred aunts are not the same as one mother.

Do not tell the man who is carrying you that he stinks.

Knowledge is not the main thing, but deeds.

Proverbs are the children of experience.

However full the house, the hen finds a corner to lay in.

To try and fail is not laziness.

A big fish is caught with big bait.

An orange never bears a lime.

The elephant’s head is no load for a child.

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Sierra Leone is known for transatlantic slave trade

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