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National symbols of Guinea

The national tree of Guinea is Silk cotton tree

The national bird of Guinea is Raggiana bird-of-paradise

The national currency of Guinea is Guinean franc

The country code of Guinea is +224

The national sports of Guinea is Football

The national language of Guinea is French

The capital city of Guinea is Conakry

The national color(s) of Guinea: Red, yellow and green

The national flower of Guinea is Vernonia djalonensis

The national fruit of Guinea is Papaya

The national anthem of Guinea is called Liberté

The national monument of Guinea is Not Declared

The TLD(top level domain) of Guinea is .gn

The ISO-4217 of Guinea is GIN

The National Emblem / Coat of Arms of Guinea is 1026, 1026, Coat of arms of Guinea, Coat-of-arms-of-Guinea.png, 584566, https://symbolhunt.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Coat-of-arms-of-Guinea.png, https://symbolhunt.com/guinea/coat-of-arms-of-guinea/, , 4, , , coat-of-arms-of-guinea, inherit, 570, 2021-01-16 10:51:34, 2021-01-16 10:51:34, 0, image/png, image, png, https://symbolhunt.com/wp-includes/images/media/default.png, 1305, 1463, Array

The religion of Guinea is 85 percent Muslim and 8 percent Christian, with 7 percent adhering to indigenous religious beliefs

The national dance of Guinea is The balélé

The national dish of Guinea is Poulet Yassa

The national animal of Guinea is African Forest Elephant

The national bird of Guinea is Raggiana bird-of-paradise

The ethnicity of Guinea is 33.4% Fula 29.4% Mandinka 21.2% Susu 7.8% Kpelle 6.2% Kissi 5.6% others