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National symbols of Gambia

The national tree of Gambia is Palm tree

The national bird of Gambia is Not Declared

The national currency of Gambia is Gambian dalasi

The country code of Gambia is +220

The national sports of Gambia is Football

The national language of Gambia is Mandinka and Wolof

The capital city of Gambia is Banjul

The national color(s) of Gambia: Red, blue, green and white

The national flower of Gambia is white variety orchid

The national fruit of Gambia is Not Declared

The national anthem of Gambia is called For The Gambia Our Homeland

The national monument of Gambia is Not Declared

The TLD(top level domain) of Gambia is .gm

The ISO-4217 of Gambia is GM

The National Emblem / Coat of Arms of Gambia is 1013, 1013, Coat of arms of the Gambia, Coat-of-arms-of-the-Gambia.png, 242352, https://symbolhunt.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Coat-of-arms-of-the-Gambia.png, https://symbolhunt.com/gambia/coat-of-arms-of-the-gambia/, , 4, , , coat-of-arms-of-the-gambia, inherit, 562, 2021-01-14 11:46:04, 2021-01-14 11:46:04, 0, image/png, image, png, https://symbolhunt.com/wp-includes/images/media/default.png, 525, 510, Array

The religion of Gambia is Islam is practised by 95% of the country's population.

The national dance of Gambia is Not Declared

The national dish of Gambia is Domoda

The national animal of Gambia is Spotted hyena

The national bird of Gambia is Not Declared

The ethnicity of Gambia is 34.4% Mandinka 24.1% Fula 14.8% Wolof 10.5% Jola 8.2% Serahuli 3.1% Serer 1.9% Manjago 1.3% Bambara 0.5% Aku Marabou 1.5% other