August Birth Flower

By Naeem Noor | Updated on February 28, 2024

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The month of August has two birth flowers. The primary birth flower is the gladiolus, and the secondary flower is the poppy.

August birth flower –  Gladiolus

Gladiolus, scientifically known as Gladiolus palustris, are tall, beautiful flowers that are sometimes called sword lilies due to their long, thin structure.

With almost 300 species, gladiolus is native to southern Europe, Asia, and Africa. It gained popularity in the United States at the beginning of the 1900s.

Romantics in the Victorian era thought that a gladiolus’ beauty might pierce someone’s heart with love. The flower also came to represent faithfulness, passion, and love at first sight.

The gladiolus is a representation of power, honor, victory, and integrity. It’s a traditional present for people who possess outstanding intelligence and moral integrity.

They come in a variety of bright colors, including pink, orange, yellow, purple, red, and white, as well as bi-colored or patterned variations. Red symbolizes love, romance, and passion, pink symbolizes compassion and a mother’s love, white represents innocence and purity, yellow symbolizes friendship and joy, and purple symbolizes good fortune and beauty.

Gladiolus has long been used in medicine and has been utilized to treat several illnesses, including mood disorders, epilepsy, headaches, and schizophrenia. Gladiolus are also cultivated for their decorative qualities.

Fun fact: Gladiolus is usually offered as a gift for the 40th anniversary.

August birth flower –  Poppy

Poppies, scientifically known as Papaver somniferum, are colorful plants that come in different sizes, but they usually produce showy, delicate flowers with four or six petals. Long, hairy stems support the flowers as they expand. 

Poppies are native to Europe and Asia but can be found all over the world including the temperate regions of Africa and North America.

Greek mythology connected the poppies to Demeter, the Goddess of agriculture. A plentiful crop was said to come if poppies blossomed in the field.

Poppies symbolize hope, remembrance, imagination, dreams, and eternal sleep. Additionally, they serve as a memorial for soldiers who lost their lives on the battlefields. 

Pink poppies symbolize compassion and platonic love, orange poppies symbolize health and regeneration, and yellow poppies symbolize optimism and positive memories of people who have died.

Poppies are used for medical purposes, as well as for their ornamental value. Poppy seeds are often used in cooking and baking.

Fun fact: Major George Howson established the Poppy Factory in Richmond in 1922 with the goal of hiring injured veterans. Veterans who had lost an arm could operate on the assembly line because the poppies only needed to be assembled with one hand. There are still disabled veterans working at this business, which produces about 36 million poppies annually.


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Scientific name Gladiolus palustris
Family Gladiolaceae
Kingdom Plantae
Order Asparagales
Sub Family Crocoideae
Tribe Gladioleae


Scientific name Papaver somniferum
Family Papaveraceae
Kingdom Plantae
Order Ranunculales