Takhts (Sikh Thrones) symbol

Symbol Takhts (Sikh Thrones)
Religion Sikhism
Origin Established during the time of Guru Hargobind.
Meaning Signify the seats of spiritual and temporal authority in Sikhism.
Appearance Physical thrones at specific Gurdwaras, representing authority.
Colors Often adorned with traditional Sikh colors and symbols.
Usage Serve as centers of religious and administrative authority.
History Instituted by Guru Hargobind to represent the Sikh sovereignty.
Popularity Revered in Sikhism as important centers of spiritual leadership.
Importance Symbolize the unity of spiritual and temporal authority in Sikh tradition.
Complexity Each Takht has unique historical and spiritual significance.
Emotions Elicits feelings of respect, authority, and institutional significance.

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