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Slovakia or the Slovak Republic is the landlocked country in Central Europe with its neighbors Ukraine in the east, Poland in the north, Hungary in the south, Austria in the southwest, and Czechia in the northwest. The capital city is Bratislava which is located in the center of the country. The ethnicity is Slovak dominant with some Hungarian and Romans, who are mostly Christians. The currency used is Euro as Slovakia is a part of the European Union. The country code is +421, and the official domain is “.sk.”

Slovak astronomer and general Milan Stefanik is the founder of the country who helped immensely in the establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1919. On the other hand, the Slovakian national hero is Juraj Jánošík, the Slovak highwayman. He was the main character of many Slovak novels, poems, and films as he was the Slovakian Robin Hood, stealing from nobles and giving to the poor. The day Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the 1st of January 1993, is celebrated as the national day. The Slovakian coat of arms consists of the national colors red, blue, and white, along with a double-barred cross surmounting three peaks. The flag also has the emblem on the left-hand side with white, blue, red horizontal bands from top to bottom.

Slovakian national animals are the brown bear and the golden eagle, while the national plants are roses and oak trees. Potato dumpling is the national dish, while Tatratea is the national drink, a tea-based herbal alcoholic beverage. Kroje is the national dress of Czechs and Slovakians with tying shawls and kerchiefs on the head from the Gothic era, fine pleats and gathered lace collars from the Renaissance era, bell-shaped skirts to delicate Slavic patterns from the Baroque era.

The Slovak poet, dramatist, and translator Pavel Országh Hviezdoslav is the national poet of the country. The folkloric instrument is the shepherd’s overtone fipple flute called Fujara. On the other hand, the national dance is called Čamostosk Karičky. The Slovak national park is the national monument, while Slavin is the national mausoleum. Ice Hockey is considered the national sport, yet football is the most-watched sport in the country. The mythical creature is called Baba Yaga, which is a deformed or ferocious-looking older woman. Lastly, Slovak Airlines is the national airline of the country.

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