National Symbols of Saint Barthélemy

Saint Barthélemy is a country in North America. It shares borders with the following countries: British Virgin Islands, Saba, St Kitts & Nevis, Sint Maarten, Anguilla, . The capital of Saint Barthélemy is Gustavia.

The official language is French, Saint-Barthélemy French, Antillean, Creole and the Euro is the currency of the Saint Barthélemy. The domain is and the country code is +590.

National day is celebrated on 30 Jun 2022. Every country in the world has national symbols including national animal, national flower, motto, etc and Saint Barthélemy is no exception.

In Saint Barthélemy, Football is considered as a national sport, and it is a passion of many Barthelemois people. Ti-Punch cocktail is not only a traditional drink, but one of the national drink of Saint Barthélemy. As poetry is a highly appreciated art, many poets like Not Declared represent a national Barthelemois symbol.

The country was founded by Bruno Magras. The current president of Saint Barthélemy is Emmanuel Macron and Sylvie Feucher (Prefect) is the Prime Minister.

In Saint Barthélemy the power plugs and sockets are of type E. The standard voltage is 220 V and the frequency is 60 Hz.

The Barthelemois national anthem was written by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle and composed by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle.

Country information

Official name(s) Saint-Barthélemy
Alternative name(s) Collectivité de Saint-Barthélemy
Regional location Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean; located in the Leeward Islands (northern) group; Saint Barthelemy lies east of the US Virgin Islands
Country name etymology The island was named by Christopher Columbus for his younger brother Bartholomew Columbus in 1493.
Climate Tropical, with practically no variation in temperature; has two seasons (dry and humid)
Terrain Hilly, almost completely surrounded by shallow-water reefs, with plentiful beaches
Population 9,932
Language(s)French, Saint-Barthélemy French, Antillean, Creole
ReligionAnglicans, Evangelists or Catholics
Country code +590
Literacy rate 100%
Currency Euro
Capital city Gustavia
Ethnicity White, Creole (mulatto), black, Guadeloupe Mestizo (French-East Asia)
Head of government Prefect
Nationality Barthelemois
Driving side Drive on the Right-hand side
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Total area 25 km2 (9.7 sq mi)
Timezone UTC-4:00 (AST)
Average elevation 921 ft
Coastline N/A
Mains electricity 220 V
Emergency telephone numbers Emergency Telephone Numbers

Coat of arms

Flag map of Saint Barthélemy

Flag map of Saint Barthélemy

Motto of Saint Barthélemy

No official motto

National animal of Saint Barthélemy

The National animal of Saint Barthélemy is Not Declared

National flower of Saint Barthélemy

The National flower of Saint Barthélemy is Lily . Botanical name is Lilium.

National flower of Saint Barthélemy - Lily

National bird of Saint Barthélemy

The National bird of Saint Barthélemy is Black‑bellied Whistling‑Duck (unofficial)

National bird of Saint Barthélemy - Black‑bellied Whistling‑Duck (unofficial)

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Country location

Saint Barthélemy is a territory of France

National Flag of Saint Barthélemy 🇧🇱

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