Q- What are the National Symbols of Spain


National Symbols of spain are given below:

National Flag of Spain isNational flag of Spain
National Emblem of Spain isCoat of Arms of Spain
National Language of Spain isSpanish
National Animal of Spain isBull
National Tree of Spain isHolm Oak (Quercus ilex)
National Bird of Spain isIberian Imperial Eagle
National Anthem of Spain isMarcha Real
National Sports of Spain isFootball
National Flower of Spain isCarnation
National Colors of Spain isRed and gold
National Fruit of Spain isNot Declared
National Monument of Spain isAlhambra Palace
National Fruit of Spain isNot Declared
National Dance of Spain isFlamenco
National Dish of Spain isPaella
National Day of Spain is12, October
National Airline of Spain isIberia
National Drink of Spain isSherry
National Instrument of Spain isCastanets
National Dish of Spain isPaella
National Poet of Spain isMiguel de Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Federico García Lorca
National Founder of Spain isFerdinand II of Aragon
National Dress of Spain isTraje de flamenca
National Hero of Spain isEl Cid
National Mausoleum of Spain isMausoleum of Pozo Moro
National Football Team of Spain isLa Roja (The Red One), La Furia Roja (The Red Fury)

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