Q- What are the National Symbols of Russian Federation


National Symbols of russian-federation are given below:

National Flag of Russia isNational flag of Russia
National Emblem of Russia isCoat of Arms of Russia
National Language of Russia isRussian
National Animal of Russia isEurasian brown bear
National Tree of Russia isSiberian Larch
National Bird of Russia isDouble-headed eagle
National Anthem of Russia isState Anthem of the Russian Federation
National Sports of Russia isFootball
National Flower of Russia isChamomile
National Colors of Russia isWhite, blue and red
National Fruit of Russia isNot Declared
National Monument of Russia isMoscow Kremlin
National Fruit of Russia isNot Declared
National Dance of Russia isBarynya
National Dish of Russia isPelmeni
National Day of Russia is12, June
National Airline of Russia isAeroflot
National Drink of Russia isKvass
National Instrument of Russia isKhomus
National Dish of Russia isPelmeni
National Poet of Russia isAlexander Pushkin, Sergei Yesenin, Mikhail Lermontov, Gavrila Derzhavin, Nikolay Nekrasov, Vladimir Vysotsky
National Founder of Russia isPeter the Great
National Dress of Russia isSarafan
National Hero of Russia isKuzma Minin
National Mausoleum of Russia isLenin's Mausoleum
National Football Team of Russia isНаши парни (Our Guys) Сборная (The National Team)

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